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     These five industries should be nationalized under the reformation of our social system. Our free-enterprise system should remain as it is and there should be no consideration given to expanding nationalization beyond these five industries. All this would be labeled by some as “socialism.” Socialism is a system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production, capital, land, etc., within the community as a whole. In this case, “community” refers to government. The fear here is that, according to Karl Marx, socialism is the stage of social organization that follows capitalism, and precedes communism. In theory, this may seem true. However, if we are to take his definition to heart, we must embrace it in its entirety. He went on to say that, socialism is characterized by the imperfect implementation of collective principles. In truth, this means there is a right and wrong way to create a system of financing government so that it may better serve the interests of those that are governed. A purely socialist system in its formative years is all-consuming in terms of material wealth. This suffocates and extinguishes the most vital resources of a nation. Those resources are the creativity, motivation, and revenue produced by individual entrepreneurship. Our way of life has already instilled in us these characteristics as the foundation of our lives, at least to the degree that we can allow our system to evolve in a way that is more beneficial to the common populous, without destroying our basic ideology and motivation.

     There are those who would argue that embracing nationalization would indeed be changing our form of government. It is not. Nationalization is a part of the social system of many democratic, industrialized countries. The airline system in France and the healthcare system in Canada are excellent examples. This sort of reform is beneficial to the citizens of this country. Who cares what label it has? Ants are called tiny socialists because their actions are reflective of what characterizes them as a socialized species. Is it not a denial of reality to think that humans are any different as a socialized species? Nationalization is simply the government providing its citizenry with national services. There is concern that our government does not become socialist in nature, yet the truth is that it is already riddled with social programs. Are social programs not a form of socialism? Establishing certain so-called socialistic programs or approaches to solving our social problems does not detract from our commitment to democracy or its doctrine. As a part of our conscious evolution, each of us must reach a level of maturity that would have us embrace the opportunities that all the knowledge available to us provides. With every piece of information that is derived from past human experiences, structured or otherwise, there is a benefit for us. We have to be inspired enough and innovative enough to find it and utilize it such that we are able to foresee any possible harm. Our executive and legislative branches of government should be up to the challenge of amending our system in a way that will sustain our successors for 237 years, just as the original Constitution has served us. This country was founded on the pioneering spirit. The foundation of this nation lies in the bravery it takes to go in new directions and blaze new trails. Our survival and progress as a nation is the result of our ability to be innovative. We must continue to discover new methods of doing things as well as implement new ideas that may seem radical if not viewed with an open mind. Evolution is radical change.
     While there is a political doctrine labeled democratic-socialism, know that in no way am I suggesting we consider the changing of our form of government as an option. However, what I am saying the same thing everyone else is saying in another way. Most everyone is saying we need to reform our current systems. I am saying our current systems need to evolve. The game of football is radically different from the art of ballet. Yet there have been football players who have benefited greatly from elements of ballet training because of a "crossover" benefit. Such is true of all knowledge. The truth contains benefits that can be applied across a very wide range of circumstances, if an objective examination of it is done. We must mature to the degree that we can understand that our perpetuation as a species is what is all-important, so that our children and their children will have a place to live out their term of the living cycle. We must make whatever decisions are necessary to insure our future as a nation and to protect our way of life. Limited nationalization is a benefit we can have without destroying our form of government or the philosophies that sustain us. Limited nationalization is a matter of social security. It is a move that is necessary for the stability of our future. Our politicians have been discussing the merits of nationalization for sometime. This is by no means beyond the parameters of our social system.

     The arguments that say nationalization is a part of socialism are arguments derived from a narrow viewpoint. Our society started out with democracy and free-enterprise. We have grown to the point where our system is established and yet still ailing. The excuse we hear most often when government agrees it should supply us as we think it should is "how do we pay for it?" In no way am I saying we should do away with democracy or free-enterprise. All I am saying is we have reached a point where we need to look for other ways to fund the needs of our social system. Realistically, the need for nationalization was created out of a lack of ethics and responsibility for our lives and our destinies. We have let our social decay escalate to the degree that we need drastic measures or reforms to reestablish the necessary collective continuity need within our everyday existence, and that takes dollars. Because of the magnitude of our social problems, we need and rightly expect the help of our federal government. However, our government is already facing financial despair such that it is terribly difficult to find dollars for our current needs. The citizenry is already heavily burdened with taxes as it is, and everyone is looking for ways to reduce taxes. We need to reduce spending, wasteful and otherwise, by our government. We must seek to get the most out of the dollars spent, and we need another source of revenue for our government. We need this limited nationalization to help provide that income. Our system of government and our economy have grown to the degree that it can withstand the type of reforms that would include these so-called socialist programs. Evolution is radical change.

     To resolve the issues that plague our social systems with solutions that are socialistic in nature does not detract from our democratic ideals or our commitment to them. It is from a mature perspective that all of us must understand that we need to embrace the opportunities and benefits that all knowledge available to us provides. Every piece of information that exists is to be utilized to aid in our prosperity, regardless of what category it falls in. If fears exist, we must anticipate and analyze them, then adapt to them or overcome them. The U.S. Constitution has safeguards in the form of checks and balances that see to it certain limits are not exceeded. The government has to be restructured to the degree that in some areas, it will have to exert greater control and in other areas it will have to limit its control. We the people of this society have to look at the big picture. Evolution is radical change.

     Examining all this, it may seem as though this is an expansion of the size of our government. That is not necessarily true. However, the size of our government is not the issue to be concerned with at this juncture of our national survival. What we really need to be concerned with is the power of our government. While the overall size of our government may increase with these reforms, this increase in size will in turn create jobs. When our citizenry becomes more involve in our political system, the power of this nation will be where it is supposed to be. It will be in the hands of we the people. Then there will be no need to be concerned with the size of our government. It is necessary for us as a nation to be more focused in our direction. This will require a strong system of support for communities and States to meet their future needs. This is a primary function of government.
     For we the people of this country to reap these benefits, we must meet our responsibilities. We do this by electing individuals to represent us within our political structure, and then monitoring those for whom we have voted. We do this by working to produce stable settings for raising and nurturing our children. We the people must clean up our neighborhoods. We the people must eliminate the difficulties associated with ethnic difference. We the people must stop the violence in our communities. We the people must stop the abuse of drugs. We the people must work to strengthen the American economy. We the people must establish the conditions that eliminate the need for our government to restrict the liberties we enjoy in our individual communities. We the people must perform the required actions that keep America strong and free. True, this will definitely be a challenge. However, if our forefathers could create a document that has held our society together for more than 237 years, surely we in this day and age are equal to that task. We the people must form a more perfect union.
Copyrighted 2002

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